In the following, we collect a few guidelines for usage of the RIOT logo, catch phrases etc. If in doubt, please ask us and we'll be happy to discuss options; most likely, we'll be able to work something out.

We love it when people use or extend RIOT for either commercial or non-profit purposes. RIOT is open-source under LGPLv2.1 license. We emphasize, however, that we retain all rights to the RIOT name and logo, and related terms and catch phrases; collectively referred to as the "RIOT marks" in the following. This includes using the marks for promoting websites, services, businesses, and products

While generally we are fine giving people permission to use the marks under many circumstances, we reserve the right to decide on a case-by-case basis. Our main objective here concerns avoiding confusion: We want to ensure that when people talk about the community or operating system "RIOT", they all mean the same.

RIOT Marks


RGB: 64 166 135
CMYK: 73 13 58 0
Pantone: 7723 c
RGB: 188 32 42
CMYK: 18 100 94 9
Pantone: 7621 c


Miso Font

Catch Phrases

"The friendly Operating System for the Internet of Things.", including any abbreviations such as "IoT".

When you refer to the RIOT open source project, use "RIOT". People involved in the RIOT community are commonly spelled "RIOTers".

When you refer to the RIOT operating system, use the terms "the operating system RIOT", "the RIOT operating system", or "RIOT OS", but please do not use "RIOT-OS".

Legal Disclaimer

Using the RIOT marks

The following are general policies using the RIOT marks. If you have a specific question or concern about promoting RIOT or using its marks, please contact us.

Uses that do not require explicit approval

  • You use "RIOT", "RIOT OS", or the RIOT logo only to refer to the official RIOT distribution as available via, not any derived or modified version.
  • Using of the RIOT marks on websites, brochures, documentation, presentations, academic papers, books, and product packaging to refer to the RIOT operating system or the RIOT community is allowed.
  • You make clear that you are not part of the RIOT project or otherwise representing it. A simple disclaimer will take care of this if there is any risk of confusion.
  • Using the RIOT marks (even in modified form) for social events like meetups, tutorials, and the like is allowed for events that are free to attend. For commercial events, please contact us.
  • Using the RIOT marks (even in modified form) on t-shirts, hats, devices, and other artwork or merchandise is allowed for your personal use or for use by a small group of community members, as long as they are not sold.

Uses that require explicit approval

  • Distributing a modified version of RIOT and calling it "RIOT" or "RIOT OS" requires explicit, written permission from us. This restriction is necessary to ensure that RIOT users understand what the RIOT project has signed off on, without risking ambiguity that would undermine the trust into the system. In short, if it is called "RIOT", it must be our RIOT. We will usually allow these uses as long as the modifications are (1) relatively small and (2) very clearly communicated to end-users.
  • Selling t-shirts, stickers, and other artwork or merchandise requires explicit, written permission from us. We will usually allow these uses as long as (1) it is clearly communicated that the merchandise is not in any way an official part of the RIOT project and (2) it is clearly communicated whether profits benefit the RIOT project.
  • The word "RIOT Summit" cannot be used without explicit permission when organizing events.

(Parts of this document have been inspired by the Zeek project and Rust project.)